Wednesday, July 29, 2015

i don't know who to talk to about my spirit

are you there? just checking
so... you there?
and just to be clear i am just checking

the habitually formed
little leaps of faith we take
believing there is no monster, for instance
taking freedom seriously, for instance
the viscosity of the soul, for certain

if to make whole a belief is what is termed faith,
wholeness is a terribly expensive concept
think food and gemstones
the cost of a good limb
the toll of a total embrace
is devastating

you are crushed
low to the ground
where the dust of other spirits collects
and calcifies, mummy dust

your limbs are downright prophetic
told the world a shrug
the world said, "but, embrace, and you too can be whole"
"one with us"
"get down"
"with us"

do you get it?
i mean...are you there?

i'm here to say

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