Wednesday, April 8, 2015


knowing space, i feel for it. the device the time. i'm awake. i'm aware. i get it. i get you, kafka.
i see you sun, i want you sun, there are so many reasons i can't be with you right now.  they are all he is asleep next to me.

it is 603am

someone in the bed is so far from me that it is a question mark from above
what does it mean as further than far

i always wondered about gates and doors and locks. how do you know you have left the wrong kind of element out?  you may have trapped it inside with you. now what

now farther

when we read space it says,
i am not
lonely but
i am alone.

  the rest was there
count distance in vertical stripes because it is 603am and

the light is
with us is

a hung mood in calibrated atmospheric pressure
they call air conditioning, do you even realize how effectively you are conditioned?
not even summer and the seats are sticking to our sins

with a movement, the second hand, single tick

the sun is behind the door. i can't stop staring at the door.

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