Monday, December 29, 2014

you can pretend that you can't pretend

let's get rich
so we can stay cool
get past rich and cool
get to god's

passed blanker than a statue
cut through blinking light district
for figural endorsements
tip off the shadowland tourist board
coming to your

only fair fares
tickets to the soon
you will be there now
sooner than now
is already
then too

we have been coming
to this

we have been coming
to be it

we have been coming
too much

time to leave, says the elevator mirrorscape
flawlessly reflects flaws to no end
i say to no end
and don't stop
i mean don't even start
he don't speak the not-language yet
arrive to edge of the edge
and stare
say nothing louder
can't hear you yet
though you know he wants to
you can pretend that you can't pretend
but i have been coming
to the end
of this prison sentence
for ever

seamless mistress tears
stains the rear interior
tar marks on the dash
wrote you a message in a fine layered ash
smeared the verbs, feeling sentient
on the curb, knees curl
ankles deep in nuances, sentiments, micromoments spent
passive verbs for tinctures
so potent
coming up
rolled away

i seize, i slip, i steer, i stop
i seize i stop
heel brushing on the top floor
how many stories
must we tell
i'll be quiet
please be quiet please

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