Tuesday, June 18, 2013

how am i not dead? how i am not dead:

1- Gone and Ruffied Myself
it was dark.

2 - The Wallmess
it was ridiculous.

3 - A week of self-abuse
but anyone who thinks this is fun needs to check themselves. or as i wrote on the wall one day,
"this is play, says the cat"
"this is death, said the mouse"
i was the mouse.

4 - Barbituates and Paradise Actually Don't Mix Well
barbiturates, benzos, booze and bed+breakfasts are not the swell mix you might think.

5 - Convincingly Stationary
abject fucking paralysis.

6 - Actually Crazy
actually crazy in cursive

7 - Keys
even the good times were tinted by danger.

8 - Do Stop

9 - It Certainly Wasn't the Drugs
i hope it is understood that this is A CAUTIONARY TALE

10 - Rantling
my wits!

11 - I Can't Think So

13 - Pentagram

14 - Lent

12 - Were Geisel Failed
what is really nuts is that i am happy now.

15 - Homelesson
all i had to do was die a couple times.

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