Sunday, January 13, 2013

bodega cherries

i got lucky
got it all
everything i wanted

i kept showing up, i kept slipping tiny rounds between my lips and sinking into couches, staring at framed taxidermy, eyes and tongue frozen by blinding silver rooftops tearing holes in my stalkings to climb out windows
doesn't it look easy?
it wasn't important

drowning in headphones,  mystery mutters
laying down
in layers of casual chatter
masterful matters

inhaling inhaling eating breezing by drifting though out the charade
he doesn't speak mime,
i don't speak deep

the cake rotted in the fridge, and it was my fault, because i exterminate sweetness with coy sauces
sleepless though the frights
would never learn to touch tender as
the stranger
so slow
i never let go
devolution of love bricks, love parthenon,  bone white
would worship in the doric box but i was nothing but
a fucking tourist
with a map to a red mattress

and locked myself in rooms with
no fucking locks

oceans echo
rolling clocks
gleaning the grainy sand sounds
crashing down the time taker
sand sounds like mountains crumble
cavities fit with bits of discarded rubble
as new ears fill with rumored discord and trouble
echoing to a
wide horizon
fitted to
grooves of a flat earth beat crooked
salt salutes the sun
bakes carcases whose teeth are too stubborn to remove
did you ever try to remove a tooth from a sacrificed goat
on the beach
at the hooked tip of an island
where the wide walk ends?

sea grass grows copious
it is on repeat after all
after all this damn time
after no time at all
sucker for a sliver
of history
a waster

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